Freestanding Elise 540 Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

The Freestanding Stovax Elise 540 can offer you a heat output of 5kW and has the ability to operate up to 83% heating efficiency, meaning they can easily warm a standard sized room and living space. This appliance is Ecodesign ready.

The Freestanding Elise 540 is also available in Glass or Steel fronted models.

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Freestanding Elise 540 Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves

Stovax’s wood burning and multi-fuel Freestanding Elise 540 stoves provide 5kW of heat output and operate at up to 83% heating efficiency, meaning they can easily warm standard sized rooms and living spaces. They are equipped with ultra-green combustion technology keeping emissions exceptionally low and making these models compliant with future Ecodesign standards without compromising on their performance or style.

These stoves are available in both the Glass or Steel fronted models and can be styled with either matching plinth base options or Stovax’s stove benches.


 Product Specifications

Freestanding Elise 540 Dimensions

A= 395MM


C= 543MM

Nominal Heat  Output & Range= 5.0kW (3-7kW)

Maximum log length= 250mm